Hosting your new website?

So your site is built and ready to be you need hosting. Once you have your domain name and your website built, you will need physical space on the internet for your website images and files on a server. If we built the site, we can simply take care of uploading all your files to the server and configuring your site.

Why not switch your hosting to us?

Already have a website? If you have your website files on your own computer we can supply you with an FTP login and you can publish your site yourself. If you already have a domain name and wish to switch to our hosting we can work with you. All we require is that you change your DNS settings to point to our server and that is basically all that is needed. These settings can be found in your domain name control panel. DNS Settings are what directs internet traffic to your actual website file location. Once the settings take effect (usually takes between 24 and 48 hours) internet traffic will be visiting your new location.

We can handle all
your hosting needs!

We are fully capable of hosting your website. Whether it is a basic static website or a dynamic CMS site, we can help. In addition to hosting, we can help you with setting up additional email addresses, SSL Security Certificates, FTP and more. Contact us today about our competitively priced hosting!

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