Our Process

Designing Websites the Right Way
  • The Process of Building your Website

    Design: Look / Feel of your Website

    The first step is choosing the design of your website.  We will email you samples of what we feel your website should look like.  You choose the design you like and then we proceed to build the site.

    Content: Text and Photos

    After the design has been decided on, we then add content.  The customer supplied text and image content is then added onto the website pages.

    Proofing: Desktop Layout

    Once the content is placed onto pages we email the customer a link to a working proof of their new website for their review.  At this stage the working proof is only a desktop version and not a complete mobile version.

    Proofing: Mobile Layout

    After review of the desktop website proof we make the necesssary changes as per the customer.  Once the customer is satisfied with the proof we proceed to finishing the responsive or mobile version of the website.  The reason for this is the mobile version is dependent on the desktop version.

    Final: Testing / Publishing

    Once both versions of the website are complete and the customer is satisfied with how they display on desktop and mobile, the website is then migrated online to the chosen customer domain (.com, .ca, .net etc.).  The site is tested once again to make sure no issues occured during the going live process.  If everything is good we make some internal adjustments to the site so search engines can find and access your new website.

About Flashpoint Media

Flashpoint Media is a fully capable creative website design business located in Yorkton, SK. We offer services such as web development, hosting, and SEO.

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