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    When we started a web design firm we were quick to learn of our clients past experiences with web designers. We were informed that many people had a lot of negative experiences.  Some frequent complaints they had about their previous web development pertained to the following:

    • Availability
    • Communication
    • Quality of work
    • Pricing
    • Support

    Your experience as well as your final product are equally important to us. The ability to use your website both, as your customer and as an administrator, are essential to us.  Flashpoint Media is here to provide you with the assistance you need so that you have the know how to manage your website. If you have a question we are only a call, text or email away.

    Flashpoint Media offers computer support as well as website design and hosting

    Website hosting and support

    Flashpoint Media works hard to keep your website online for your customers.  Nevertheless, issues can arise at anytime in the digital world.  Our aim is to maintain a secure infrastructure on our servers for your site so that it always online.  Unfortunately, there are is always a risk that issues can occur on your site.  If your website goes down let us know about it and we can help get it back online.

    After your website is live

    After publishing your website, we are committed to insuring that you know what you need to know about your new website.  If you have questions you can contact us or visit our resource section for help on your site.

About Flashpoint Media

Flashpoint Media is a fully capable creative website design business located in Yorkton, SK. We offer services such as web development, hosting, and SEO.

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